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A highly-exclusive class of assets: 5 star Luxury Resort Properties, designed beautifully and strategically located in some of the World’s favourite travel destinations, offers investors an excellent combination of promising rental returns and elevated vacation experiences, all within one property.

Once exclusively reserved
for the elite, now you too have
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With over 11 years in the industry, we design our investments to be effortless, lucrative and secure

Tiara Hana combines our deep understanding of luxury resort demands, strong partnerships with management experts, and co-developing spectacular design that fetches some of the highest room rates and deliver the exceptional vacation experiences.

Luxury Resort Properties
Available For Investment

Royal Garden

3 Bedroom Pool Villa

Stanagiri Luxury Retreat Ubud


3 Bedroom Pool Villa

Stanagiri Luxury Retreat Ubud

Price starts from 530 Juta

Price starts from 290 Juta

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