Welcome to the Future of Luxury Resort Property Investment

About Us

Welcome to the Future of

Luxury Resort Property Investment

“As Much As We Love What Life Has To Offer, Sometimes We Still Wonder: Can We Make It Even Better, For Ourselves, & Especially For The People We Love.”

We look into what’s missing out there & decided to create a modern ownership concept that takes your life to the next level, while we do our best to take care of everything else for you.

A Father-Daughter Leadership Changing The Property Investment Landscape In Indonesia
With love, Hadi & Family

What we believe in

Dedicated To Taking
Great Care of You

We honour your trust in us, & are committed to making every aspect of this journey, effortless for you. We constantly want to improve our services to make a difference for you & your loved ones.

Co-owners Luxury Resort at Tiara Hana Indonesia
We’re here for you, anywhere & anytime
Wyndham Sundancer Resort Lombok Pool Villa
We offer you only the best, no less.

Choosing Properties that Give you
the best of both worlds

We co-develop with select developers & management teams to realise our dream resort project visions. They are designed to maximise returns all around, while fulfilling the dream lifestyle you desire.

Working Towards
A shared Mission together

As Tiara Hana grows, so does our diverse family here. As a second home, our shared passion for what we do drives us forward to embodying the Tiara Hana brand in meaningful ways that go beyond work life.

Our individuality & culture is celebrated here.
Our individuality & culture is celebrated here.
Building the sophistication & quality of the Tiara Hana brand

Building the sophistication &
quality of the Tiara Hana brand

The Brand Studio in Singapore, led by our Creative Director Hana, is the brainchild company of Tiara Hana. We strategize our products, services & communication direction while working closely with resort partners to co-develop properties that our co-owners would love.

Achieving Higher Service Values
Of The Tiara Hana Brand

Our Sales & Customer Care Headquarters in Bogor is led by Director Dinung, representing Hadi. Our mission is to increase the opportunities of co-owning stunning luxury properties to more people & expertly attend to hundreds of our customers.

Our Journey


The year we started




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From seasoned hands to new explorers, we have taken care of hundreds of co-owners like you, who have all become a big part of our small, humble family.

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