Living Life as Resort Villa Investors


With Tiara Hana,
Your Resort Villa Is Not Just A
Vacation Home Or Investment Property,
It's Both!
With years of professional experience and industry knowledge, you know that your villa is fully taken care to the highest standards.
Owners invest without any hassle Everything Completely Taken
Care Of By Our Experienced
Hotel Management Partners

Earn Returns.
From rental services done for you.

As a shared owner of a Resort Villa, you will earn every time guests stay. The resort management company handles the room filling for you, including marketing and rental services. You simply welcome a passive income stream to your bank account.

Enjoy Luxury Holidays in
Your Villa. Anytime you like.

Owners enjoy the luxury of frequent holidays at your private resort villa & being serviced with the most exclusive care. With luxury spas, curated restaurants to VIP beach clubs, all you need to do is plan when and who you’re going with.

An Asset in Your Name.
And for your kids in the future.

With notarised documents to certify your co-ownership, your investment with us is assured safe. An asset that goes up in value with time, your choice of a transfer of ownership can be made to your kids in the future, for them to earn & enjoy from.

Our Customer Service
For every owner

Personal Customer Care

From handling your enquiries, sending you updates to managing your usage of days to earn or vacation, every owner’s investment will be personally handled by your in-house customer care.

A personal Customer care for every owner
Your returns will be managed for you
Returns Management

Based on the days you choose to earn, we will coordinate with the resort management on your profit-sharing and returns to be directly deposited into your bank account.

Priority Holiday Booking

Our concierge will be of great assistance in booking your stays and arranging for any other special requests such as airport transfers, resort spa & restaurants reservations and even, birthday or anniversary celebrations.

A direct Concierge to handle your bookings
Tiara Hana
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