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What is co-ownership?

Co-ownership makes buying high value properties, such as the highest-tier of holiday accommodations in Luxury Resorts, a lot more reachable. Instead of selling a full ownership to just one buyer, we are selling it to multiple buyers who get to own different shares of the same property.

An amazing opportunity for you to step into world of owning these stunning premium properties by removing the limitation of having a huge sum of payment to start with.

You buy based on what you need

With co-ownership, you don’t have to buy the whole property. Instead, you can choose a percentage of ownership, allowing you to purchase at price that you choose. You can always choose to increase your share when you are ready to, all based on what you goals you are aiming to achieve.

Create multiple streams of income

By spreading your capital across multiple properties in different destinations, you are maximising on more avenues to create multiple streams of income. As a co-owner, you get to strengthen your portfolio yet lowering the risks by having small shares in each property.

Enjoy the benefits of owning multiple vacation homes

You get to own multiple vacation homes across different resorts for way less than the cost of fully-owning a single property; And enjoy a variety of luxury vacations, services & treatments offered by each resort. It is also an asset you hold onto for years, without ever having to manage a single thing.

Why is co-ownership a dream solution?

How doesco-owning luxury resort properties work?

How does co-ownership work?

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Choose your preferred villa

You choose which villa and how much share you want to co-own. Your co-ownership share will determine how many days you’re entitled per year. We will handle everything for you from agreement signing, collections and manage coordinating with developer & resort management company.

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your co-ownership than ever before.

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