Tiara Hana Brings You the Opportunity
To Invest in A Luxury Resort Villa

Own in a lucrative property investment that is the new way of investment with lifestyle benefits. We offer you the chance to own in some of the hottest villa properties in the most spectacular locations. Earn competitive yields that are one of the highest in the market & enjoy lifestyle benefits that are unparalleled, with first class stays and experiences. This investment opportunity is getting noticed by investors and taking the investment market by storm.

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An Exciting Investment


Typically, ownership in luxury resorts is beyond the reach of most investors because of the huge capital outlay that would be needed. In Tiara Hana, we give you the flexibility to simply own a share in the villa. This means that a lower capital outlay is required from you, giving you the option to invest in the amount you are comfortable with.

Feel the Benefits of Tiara Hana
Investment Opportunities


An Investor Point
of View

This investment opportunity is unparalleled because of the high earnings. Earnings are guaranteed every time guests stay (via hotel room profit sharing) which differs from concepts where investors only earn from a hotel’s operating profit.

Translating to a lower risk for investors. This asset has 50 years leasehold, so it is something that you will own for years to come and can even pass down as an inheritance.


The Experience of Owning
Your Own Luxury Villa

When you own a villa with us, you are buying into a first class lifestyle upgrade. Unlike other property owners, you are the owner of a luxury property with access to first class experiences, facilities and VIP services during your stays.


The Most Convenient

We offer you an investment opportunity that is fully managed and maintained for you. This is all done by the resort’s management team. Our hassle free investment offers a high value add in a fast paced modern age where our high net worth or busy clients don't have the time to get involved in property management.

Villas available for Investment

Explore the ownership investments you desire among the selection of villas in our portfolio, featuring premier resorts in strategic locations.

How We Select Our Resorts

a High-class Holiday Destination

a Highly Demanded Experience

Trusted Resort Management Partners

A location that is of high demand for visits is bound to attract competitive guest stays and rates. The development of the locality is also important, with plans for sustained growth and development a necessity. These locations have a lot to offer in terms of attractions, surrounding land, and infrastructure.

We curate resorts that bring an experience that are valued & able to be commercialised. We ascertain that there will be a sustained demand for guest stays and this is by selecting resorts with a strong concept. This includes facilities, design, experiences and service, all of which bring unique concepts to our high-end clientele.

A credible and trusted brand name is essential to our choice of resorts, this carries weightage for us in our selection and gives us the confidence to feature these resorts in our portfolio for investment opportunities. A management team that is highly experienced is key to well managed & maintained properties.

Luxury Investment
With Us

We will guide and advise you on investment opportunities aligned with your goals, offering unparalleled investment and lifestyle experiences. A strong emphasis is placed in service for our clients with us to provide you with an exceptional investor experience.

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