3 bedroom pool villa

Inspired by Bali’s unique artistry, this 3 Bedroom Pool Villa features tastefully appointed living spaces, complete with rustic-modern furnishing, overlooking stunning views of the lush paddy fields.

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  • 1 Master Bedroom
  • 1 Double Bedroom
  • 1 Single Bedroom


  • 6 Adults


  • 136m² Villa size
  • 2x5m² Pool size per unit


  • Paddy Fields & Sunrise


  • Private balcony & pool
  • Open-plan kitchenette
  • Rainwater shower rooms
  • Open space living room
  • Group dining setting


Disclaimer: Actual interior views may vary and cannot be guaranteed. The developer expressly reserves the right to make modifications. Views shown cannot be relied upon as the actual view from any particular unit.

Reasons to co-own the
3 Bedroom Pool Villa

Exclusive & limited units

In 30 hectares of natural paddy fields, only an exclusive number of 26 units are available across a large plot of private land. Your 3 Bedroom Pool villa will attract larger groups of guests, suitable for events & special occasions such as company retreats or intimate weddings. Guests are then likely to opt for multiple villas in a single booking.

26 exclusive villas on private land!
Fully-designed with the architects’ vision!
Villas that guests would pay for

Put together with the immaculate visions of well-known architects & designers, your villa is bound to fetch high values that guests are willing to pay for. Designed for a perfect balance between exquisite rustic decor & scenic views, your villa will make for wonderful photo opportunities for guests. Talk about an instagrammable vacation!

Part of a luxury resort

Owning an investment asset in a luxury resort will remain highly attractive with high returns all year round, as well as for years to come. Complete with a management company that offers numerous luxury services & amenities around the resort, guests will get to indulge themselves in their dream vacation of a lifetime, all in one place.

Your villa is in a luxury resort!
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