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Understanding the Exclusivity at Stanagiri Luxury Retreat: A Haven for Discerning Investors

For luxury property investors, exclusivity in investment signals lasting success, a principle embraced in the soft opening of Stanagiri Luxury Retreat by Tiara Hana Indonesia.

A Serene Oasis: Stanagiri’s Perfect Balance of Nature and Luxury

Situated at the heart of Tegallalang, spanning across 30 hectares of greenery, Stanagiri Luxury Retreat, is a luxury wellness retreat that aims to offer a balance of life’s essentials for our affluent guests seeking a wellness escape with an exclusive and seamless village living resort experience. The resort enables guests to pursue a change towards a more sustainable world while enjoying personalised bespoke warm hospitality.

Strategic Location: The Key to Seamless Accessibility

With its strategic location, the resort’s effortless connection to the main road ensures an easy entrance. Positioned midway between Kintamani and Central Ubud, this prime location opens doors to additional revenue streams, enticing passing travellers to pause for an enchanting visit.

Nature’s Gift: The Everlasting Cool Mountain Air at Stanagiri Luxury Retreat

Distanced at around 20 kilometres from the majestic mountain, creating a refreshing sanctuary with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 29°C in Tegallalang and providing a cooler sanctuary for guests.

Rare Greenfield Elegance and Harmony in Design: Stanagiri’s Architectural Brilliance and Environmental Balance

Nestled within authentic paddy fields, Stanagiri Luxury Retreat is a visionary greenfield project, seamlessly blending architectural ideals with environmental sustainability for an exclusive immersion in nature’s embrace, appealing to investors and international travellers.

In conclusion, Stanagiri Luxury Retreat offers discerning investors an exclusive, harmonious sanctuary that transcends traditional investments, reflecting long-term, authentic experiences and benefits.