Stanagiri Management: Experienced Professionals that delivers a Luxurious Authentic Ubud Experience

Making a meaningful and unforgettable experience for every guest is at the heart of every hospitality business’ goals. Established and managed by an experienced team of Bali’s leading leaders in luxury hospitality, Stanagiri Management is focused on providing an exceptional experience for every guest.

For decades, Ubud has proven to have a high international reputation as a luxury wellness destination. With Stanagiri Luxury Retreat located on 30 hectares of Tegallalang rice paddies, the management team wanted to capitalise on the value of this strategic location into an authentic Ubud experience that guests would not find anywhere else.

“We, Stanagiri management, are engaging the local community to deliver an experience unlike any other”

As the Director of Sales & Marketing, Nyoman Wismaya Sudantia is inspired by the location potential of the Stanagiri Luxury Retreat. With its unique and authentic experience that blends the natural beauty and cultural richness of Ubud with modern facilities and 5-star services, the resort has garnered high demand from international markets such as the United States, Europe, and East Asia. This exclusive concept of tourism can only be found at Stanagiri Luxury Retreat.

“We create special packages for the high-end market according to their needs”

Led by I Dewa Made Wisnu Wardana, a seasoned hospitality professional with 30 years of experience, the resort’s crisis management team is dedicated to optimizing the resort’s visibility and revenue. Flexible strategies and e-commerce initiatives are implemented to enhance resort occupancy and achieve optimal financial success.

“We want to bring value to each guest by building memories through personalised experiences”

Furthermore, as the General Manager of Stanagiri Luxury Retreat, I Nengah Suparsa Sudarmawan leads the resort’s operational team with a strong focus on delivering memorable and personalized stay experiences to guests. He firmly believes that providing tailored services to meet the individual needs of the guests is crucial in building loyalty.

The strong commitment of all professionals at Stanagiri Management is to create the most authentic luxury resort brand in Ubud that caters to the needs of international travelers. As expressed by Nyoman Wismaya Sudantia, “We strive to provide 5-star service standards, ensuring that every guest receives an unforgettable experience that exceeds their expectations.”