Embracing Market Diversity: Stanagiri Luxury Retreat Confidence in Welcoming All Guests

At the beginning of August, The Stanagiri Luxury Retreat began its first phase of soft opening, marking a milestone for the co-development of GSA Architect and Tiara Hana Indonesia. As Stanagiri Luxury Retreat opens its doors to the world, the resort confidently embraces the global demand for personal well-being and retreat experiences and understands the importance of catering to diverse markets and remains open to guests from all corners of the world.

Keys in Approaching Marketing Diversity at Stanagiri Luxury Retreat

The questions then; During this first phase of soft opening, what is the purpose of opening Stanagiri Luxury Retreat to all market segments? How long will it take to identify a specific segment? How will Stanagiri Luxury Retreat approach market diversity to bring more confidence for investors and ensure a steady occupancy for the resort? 

  1. Catering to Global Demand
    At Stanagiri Luxury Retreat, we believe that the desire for a luxury retreat is not limited to a specific market or region. The resort is confident that there are individuals worldwide who resonate with its unique DNA. Regardless of their nationality, location and market, people are seeking the wellness experience that Stanagiri Luxury Retreat offers.
  2. Tapping into Key Markets
    At Stanagiri Luxury Retreat, we take into consideration the top geographical countries visiting Bali. These countries include Australia, India, China, the USA, the UK, Germany, France, Russia, South Korea, and Intra-ASEAN nations such as Singapore, and Malaysia. We also have strategically partnered with top online travel agencies (OTA) such as, Expedia, Agoda,, Traveloka, and, allowing the resort to target specific markets through each platform.
  3. Tailored Approach to OTA Collaborations
    We understand the necessity of maximising the presence of Stanagri Luxury Retreat on each OTA by targeting specific regions. The resort collaborates with to reach the European market, Expedia to target the American and Australian markets. Agoda focuses on Asian, Australian, and Pacific travellers, caters to the Chinese and Indian markets. Meanwhile, Traveloka and allow Stanagiri Luxury Retreat to cater to the domestic market and intra-ASEAN travellers.
  4. Strategic Connections and Adaptability
    Beyond OTA partnerships, Stanagiri Luxury Retreat has connected with the two largest bed banks in the world, Hotelbeds, and Webbeds, ensuring a wide reach and improved visibility. The resort also collaborates with prominent inbound tour operators in Bali and social media agencies, optimising its presence in news segments and specialised content. By remaining agile and adaptable, Stanagiri Luxury Retreat can enhance its offerings based on market realities and demands.
  5. Catering to Different Traveller Types
    Stanagiri Luxury Retreat recognizes the impact of Frequent Individual Travelers (FIT) in Bali, which is crucial for occupancy rates. Stanagiri Luxury Retreat understands in fulfilling their needs and also foresees demand for larger accommodations for family or group trips, ensuring consistent occupancy. This will be explained further in another blog post.

In conclusion, Stanagiri Luxury Retreat adopts a preliminary strategy aimed at maximising guest awareness and confidence through embracing market diversity. During the soft opening phase, the resort opens its doors to all market segments, acknowledging the global demand for personal well-being and retreat experiences, and, Stanagiri Luxury Retreat endeavours to cater to individuals worldwide who resonate with its unique offerings. This commitment to welcoming market diversity brings confidence in investors and ensures a thriving occupancy rate.

By tapping into the global demand and strategically targeting specific markets through partnerships, Stanagiri Luxury Retreat positions itself as a leading luxury retreat in Ubud. Adapting to changing guest preferences is essential at Stanagiri Luxury Retreat, allowing the resort to remain relevant and appealing to its broad clientele. As it welcomes guests from all walks of life, Stanagiri Luxury Retreat consistently delivers exceptional experiences tailored to the diverse needs of individuals seeking transformative wellness journeys.