Do you like the idea of owning a
vacation home in a location you love?

But you find it unrealistic due to extremely high
price and annual expense of a whole ownership?

We Have A Solution For You

Tiara Hana
Villa Ownership

We designed our Villa Ownership to offer you the flexibility to purchase any Luxury Villas of your choice, from our exclusive portfolio, according to your needs and with an investment outlay that is comfortable for you.

Giving you the benefits of a Villa Ownership without the extravagant price tag!

Owners Privileges

Your desired ownership share provides you with private
vacations, all set for your arrival with your family. Additionally,
when you’re away, you have the opportunity to earn rental
returns from some of the best room rates in the market!

A dream vacation home,
Always ready for your arrival

Everything has been designed to provide the
comforts that guests seek in a 5-star Villa experience,
including the interior, amenities, and in-villa services,
all of which you will enjoy as owners in your villa.

Earn returns when you’re not
vacationing in your villa

With your Villa situated in one of the World’s luxurious
tourism destinations, your Villa is designed to fetch some of
the best room rates, giving you the opportunity to earn well
from the nights you are not using your villa.

It's not just a vacation home or
an investment property, It's Both!

If you would like to discuss more
about our Villa Ownership for you

We would love to understand what you’re
looking for. Our Sales Team will be happy to
share more about the exciting opportunities
for you and your family.

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