Introducing our latest addition in

Bali's most exclusive destination – Ubud, Tegallalang.

Project Overview

A 30-Hectare Resort Project
Located In World's Top 10
Travel Destinations

Stanagiri Retreat Ubud is a luxury wellness resort located in the heart of Ubud, a prime destination defined as a luxury tourism paradise. With guest demand set to be high with the luxury segment growing, the resort fulfils this demand by offering an exquisite range of resort facilities, services and an exclusive number of pool villa developments.

Monkey Forest

15 mins from Resort

The Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud is a nature reserve housing hundreds of wild monkeys. Ever since Ubud became a magnet for honeymooners, New Age seekers, and backpackers, the forest has become one of the island’s top tourist sites.

Approximately 10, 000 tourists visit the forest every month.
Step into the iconic panorama of magical Tegallalang rice terraces.

Tegallalang Rice Terraces

15 mins from Resort

The closest attraction to Stanagiri Retreat Ubud, the iconic Tegallalang Rice Terrace, part of the Cultural Landscape of Bali Province UNESCO World Heritage Site, comprises cascading emerald-green fields worked by local rice farmers.

Elephant Safari Park

15 mins from Resort

One of Bali’s best elephant rescue parks, this attraction brings family and friends to enjoy an exotic eco-tourism landscape of botanical gardens, surrounded by a national forest.

Many celebrities would visit to give these elephants some love.

Giri Surprayatna
Developer & Architect

Esteemed Balinese Architect Giri Suprayatna’s 27 years of experience in the field allows him to seamlessly combine modern design comfort with the wellness quality of living close to nature, creating an exclusive eco-conscious sanctuary.

Ketut Suabawa
President Director

With 27 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Pak Ketut brings his mastery in execution & direction to Stanagiri Retreat Ubud to provide the best guest experiences serviced in style with true balinese hospitality.

Nyoman Astama
Director Of Finance

32 years of experience in the finance hospitality industry, Pak Nyoman’s strategic foresight ensures demand is fully capitalised on and economic potential is maximised for Stanagiri Retreat Ubud to remain successful in the long run.

Meet the Team behind the Project

Design Maestro, Giri Suprayatna
Established since 2012