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Our Customer Care team makes co-owning your Luxury Resort Villa as easy and hassle-free as possible.

We want to help you easily keep track of your earnings & lifestyle benefits anywhere and anytime. Our team will be available to reach out to for updates and for arrangements of your stays & special requests. A dedicated and personalised service just for you.

Sally Madjid,
Customer Operations

I believe that we should treat our customers the way we want to be treated, filled with respect & care."

One-stop Payment Management

With a Customer Service dedicated to you, we make sure that you’ll have a seamless payment journey with us. Receiving your ownership documents, prompt invoices and status updates while you’re on your journey to co-owning your villa.

Personalised Financial Assistance

When life gets a little rocky, we are here to help! With our financial assistance, we will provide flexible payment plans that are suitable to you if you ever need to adjust your payment terms.

Benefits & Usage Planning

Entitled to ownership benefits for you & your loved ones to use yearly, our team is ready to advise how you can maximise on them. Such as the best time to vacation and the total number of days to allocate for you to achieve your desired returns.

Proactive Updates

Our team will constantly provide you with the latest news regarding occupancy, upcoming project developments and your ROI. Feel free to let us know what is your preferred method of contact and we will personally reach out to share the exciting updates!

Customer & Partners
Relationship Management

If you would like to share any feedbacks or raise up questions meant for the Developers or Hotel Management partners, our team will personally address them and coordinate closely on how we can improve the services to make you happier & more satisfied.

Rofan Suryakusumah,
Customer Care Manager

We are here for you & we sincerely want to help you with all that we can."

Nuckiana Ruzika,
Concierge Executive

It’s all about making our customers feel happy and comfortable while they enjoy their best time being co-owners."


Looking forward to your next stay? We provide a premium concierge service to help you to book your flights, transport to the resort, and your stay so you can check-in to your well-deserved vacation with a simple call.

Loyalty Programs
& Benefits

As part of welcoming you in to our THI family, we have created a series of loyalty programs that give you access to an amazing lifestyle, even when you’re not staying in your villa. Some of these benefits can be shared even with your family & friends!


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